Turkish Towel Care

Our Turkish Towels are produced from high quality died yarn, 100% natural cotton on traditional looms with hand twisted & tied tassels.
Turkish cotton is premium cotton that has extra-long fibers. By using cotton with longer fibers means there are fewer joins, resulting in stronger and smoother cotton threads.

Wash your towel before use to maximise absorbency.
Gentle machine wash on cold, or if the towel is exposed to oil, soil or germs; wash in warm water.
Avoid fabric softeners. Softeners will make the towels water repellent.
Washing tip, to maximize the absorbency of your towels, add a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle once a month. This will restore your towels to full absorbency. The vinegar will remove excess detergent that builds up after successive washing.
Do not bleach.

We recommended air drying for best results.
Tumble dry on a cool to medium setting, tumble drying will make your towel fluffier, but the heat from the dryer can damage the durability of the cotton over time.

Regular ironing, steam or dry, can be performed at a medium setting. Ironing at high temperatures may damage the cotton fibers, decreasing the softness and lifespan of your towel.

A Pull or Snag:
If your towel has snagged and pulled out a loop or thread, simply cut the thread/loop off  using a pair of scissors. This will not unravel the towel.

Tassel Care & Maintenance:
All tassels on our towels are hand tied and may over time begin to unravel. These can be easily knotted by making two sections and twisting each section clockwise until fully twisted. Then, take each section and wrap them around each other in an anti-clockwise direction until fully twisted around each other. Simply finish the process by knotting the end.

If you have made a purchase from our Turkish Towel range, we thank you for sharing in our families passion and hope you love our products just as much as we do.
If you are yet to buy a Turkish Towel, we encourage you to try one. We can not tell you enough just how versatile, practical and beautiful these Towels really are. Go on!